CAUS is a premium drinkware brand that exists to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

When you purchase a CAUS, you are making a statement that you care about social change.

It’s more than hydration, it’s a CAUS. Every product we sell supports our mission to help people around the world. We partner with Samaritans Purse and World Help to donate a portion of every purchase towards making lives better around the world. Some of recent projects include providing two deep water wells in Africa and providing 4 massive livestock lots to feed 2 villages in Zambia and Rwanda.


With CAUS, you’ll never have to choose between high style and high impact. Our artists create limited edition patterns combined with industry leading technology to deliver you the best drinkware on the market. 

We believe that you should never have to choose between doing good and looking good.  

  • Be CAUS • you can make a difference

  • Be CAUS • we can make a difference

  • Be CAUS • high style + high impact can co-exist

  • Be CAUS • your purchase matters

  • Be CAUS • together we can make a difference

  • $30,000 → WorldHelp

    $30,000 → WorldHelp

    $30,000 provided enough to drill two deep water wells.

  • $12,000 →  World Help

    $12,000 → World Help

    $12,000 provided 4 massive livestock lots to feed 2 villages.

“I was a hopeless father because I didn’t have money for paying school fees and school materials for my children. Now I am so happy for a gift of chickens, I will raise them and incubate them to multiply and sell them. It will now be easy for me to buy clothes for my family.” 
Jacques Sandugu is 55 years old and has 7 children (3 boys and 4 girls). 

He is a pygmy from Murwi commune, Cibitoke province. Jacques worked hard on other peoples land to provide enough food for his family, but there was never enough to send his children to school. 

  • $5,000 → Samaritan’s Purse

    $5,000 → Samaritan’s Purse

    $5,000 to Samaritan’s Purse for women and children.

  • $10,000 → Samaritan’s Purse

    $10,000 → Samaritan’s Purse

    $10,000 to Samaritan’s Purse to help rebuild Kentucky.

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Making a difference