Red Rover | Animal Welfare

"RedRover is a soft hand and warm heart in times when animals and people are in need, crisis and pain. Our thousands of passionate volunteers, donors and supporters recognize that the world would be darker and colder without us. So they mobilize. They answer when the RedRover rally cry is called. We are about engagement... not only with each other... but also side-by-side with other animal professionals, animal groups, local officials, law enforcement, media and schools. We bring animals out of crisis and into care, and discover new ways to strengthen the common bond between people and animals."

ANIMAL WELFARE Together, with RedRover, we are helping to bring animals and their people from crisis to care. RedRover is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization that provides temporary emergency sheltering, resources, financial assistance and emotional support when animals and people are in crisis. We empower educators to help kids develop empathy and awareness of animals’ well-being and increase awareness about the importance of the human-animal bond.

STAND UP for a CAUS and make a difference in our world! 25% of all profit goes to charities.